Friday, March 28, 2014

The Best Program in the World

Not opera, but I would pay - and pay a lot - to see this program:
  • Boulez, sur Incises
  • Birtwistle, Moth Requiem
  • Stravinsky, Les Noces
Conducted by Le Maitre himself, of course. I was lucky enough to see him conduct sur Incises just about three years ago. I hope I never forget the beauty of the work sounding through Disney Hall.

H/T Boulezian for suggesting that Les Noces would go well with the other two!


Tom DePlonty said...

I am not that fond of Shaker Loops myself and the review is kind of funny but it is monumentally unjust. A difference in intention is not the same thing as a poverty of intention. (Harumphs.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, ah, this is on the wrong posting - I think you meant it for "Tell Us What You Really Think, Mark!"

Mark has his opinions. :) He will also be happy to tell you that Verdi is worthless, too. (I am looking around for his opinion on another composer I love and not finding it. Hmm.)

Lisa Hirsch said...

I've emailed Mark about the review I remember. Maybe I am conflating two reviews he wrote, not sure.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Found it: note his comments on Shostakovich in this review.