Friday, February 18, 2005

More on Applause and Booing

The discussion continues!

At Adaptistration, an orchestral violist offers up an irreplaceable body part in favor of booing (and has comments on how and when applause is offered), while ACD carefully delineates when he feels a standing O or booing is appropriate. Note that ACD is talking about something that is difficult or impossible to find - the ideal audience, "made up entirely of the musically informed and knowledgeable." Where might one find that audience? And what is one to do in the less-than-ideal real world?

Marcus Maroney says he would never boo, making him a better, or more polite, person than me. Oboist Patricia Mitchell also weighs in, and her views are a bit different from the violist's.

Finally, a fabulous posting, with relevant historical information, by Greg Sandow. This is very likely the "explosive new information" Alex Ross hinted at earlier this week.

February 20: Corrected a spelling error!

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