Friday, February 04, 2005

Thanks and a Groan

Thanks to ACD for coming up with a nice bleeding chunk of Wagner for comparison's sake. I've only been reading sounds and fury since November and didn't know about the losses from fire until yesterday. I am so sorry.

I have the Solti, on LP, even, but it will take me some time to run down a copy of the Boulez Rheingold. It seems to be out of print and there are no copies currently available via eBay. I will try friends and the library.

But - it would be nice if the rhetorical flourishes could be kept to a minimum. The accusations of misquoting and failure to read carefully enough become wearing after a while. It seems to me that read in context, it's perfectly clear that I understand ACD to be talking about how conductors interpret Wagner.

I also do not appreciate having my own sincerity doubted about the matter of talking about specific musical examples. It should be obvious why I'd want to refer to what's in the score as part of discussing the validity of different approaches by different conductors, especially since ACD keeps saying the composer's intentions as expressed in the score are the final arbiter of what's right and proper in interpretation.

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