Thursday, February 22, 2007

Classics Without Walls

The Bay Area is down to one very bad classical music radio station, KDFC - and its corporate master has just sold it to another big corporation, so who knows what will happen to it? (I filled out their listener survey and gave them an earful about how to improve the programming.)

If you can get the KUSF signal - stream it to your computer if not - listen to Classics Without Walls, which is broadcast from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday nights (Pacific time).

The CWW DJ is Mark Theodoropoulos, whom I'm known for a long time. He is erudite, a great writer, and a fabulous programmer. Take a look at those playlists! Classic music with intelligence!


Anonymous said...

It's so sad that these entities can't see beyond their most immediate dollar and market. As a kid growing up in a small town in eastern Washington State, with with a cultural broadcast index of ZERO, late at night I discovered I could tune the radio to a horribly drifty, yet absolutely magical, signal coming from San Francisco's KKHI. Coming through the night air more than 700 miles away, that was half my classical education, really, and a big part of what fired my desire to become the composer that, 35 years later, I still am.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, great story, and told well. Are you willing to decloak?

Richard Friedman said...

The most interesting music programming is now on KALW, 91.7 in San Francisco (or streaming).

Sunday, 8-10 pm THEN AND NOW, with Sarah Cahill

and my own

Music from Other Minds
, Friday 11pm

..but there's very little else on the air. Quite a lot on the internet, however. In fact, I've replaced my FM tuner with a computer.

Anonymous said...

"Then and Now" is very good.

"Classics Without Walls" is now available as an mp3 archive each week.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you both for all of that. Anonymous, are you mtheo?