Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hatto Update

There's plenty of commentary around the blogosphere at this point; use Google Blog Search to find many postings I haven't cited below.
I've never heard a note of Hatto, by the way. I could easily have been taken in.

Update, Feb. 19: Jessica links to an excellent editorial on Classics Today. It's in two parts, somewhat annoyingly: Part 1 and Part II.


Andrys said...

Hi, Lisa
Just saw that you said you'd not heard a note of Hatto (at least before this story broke). If you want to hear the excerpt that was placed on my site in late 2002 and then posted with some enthusiasm at the classical recordings newsgroup in Jan '2003, you can still hear it at http://www.andrys.com/hatto.html - the page has had links to ongoing articles of no little awe and now carries links to current news as it develops.

Thanks for your page. Great to find one about San Francisco doings. I wish someone had attended Gila Goldstein's piano recital mid-Feb !

Lisa Hirsch said...

Hi, Andrys!

There are a bunch of S.F.-area bloggers; see my sidebar.

Is that excerpt Hatto or "Hatto"? What I am most interested in of her is the Bax Symphonic Variations from 1970, with Vernon Handley conducting, because I can be reasonably sure it's her.

Andrys said...

I suspect it's "Hatto" in that Mephisto rather than Hatto!

It's there as history of what helped drive the initial interest when many first heard it. I guess I should add that thought there.

Ernst Lumpe is gathering a list of an actual Hatto recordings he can confirm. The short list, which is apt to also be the long list :-)

Will check out the SF area bloggers!

Lisa Hirsch said...

Oh, good for Ernst Lumpe - I took a look at his site on Royale recordings. Excellent material!

N6TQS said...

This issue made the BBC R4 news at 1800 UK time on 19 Feb, as well as a discussion on "Front Row".

It's gotten to the mainstream, at least in the UK.

Lisa Hirsch said...

It was in the Times and Guardian on Friday, I think. Not surprised the BBC has the story as well.