Friday, July 20, 2007

Jerry Hadley 2

Jerry Hadley died in my absence, taken off life support following a grievous self-inflicted wound. Daniel Wakin's second article about Hadley reported that his career appeared to be on the upswing and that the tenor had plans to move into some new musical areas.

I'm sorry about the troubles he'd apparently been having over the last few years, which seem to have included fewer bookings, some vocal problems, money issues, and depression. I wish he'd gotten whatever help he needed to overcome the depression and deal with everything else. It's very sad for everyone who knew and loved him, and sad for those of us who didn't, as well.


Ian said...


I was one of the last students Jerry Hadley ever taught. I do not exaggerate when I say that he was a man of exquisite power, one who possessed a kind of soul-piercing stare which left all who sang with him naked and bare. He saw in all of us a certain truth that others rarely could.

Some of the last words I ever heard him speak were "a wounded bird can't sing." And in retrospect, perhaps many of us should have been paying more attention. He is certainly missed; more so by those who knew him, and knew the power of what he could give to others. Above all, he was a communicator, a man who could connect with another with an almost supernatural power, both through his music, and through his insight. We have all lost much by his death.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Thank you, Ian, and I'm sorry; so hard to lose an important teacher whom you care about.