Friday, August 24, 2007


A press release from San Francisco Symphony announces a number of personnel changes in the upcoming season. I cannot link directly to the press release, which comes up in a separate browser window with the mysterious URL "Google." No, I have no idea why.

The magnificent Carey Bell comes on board as principal clarinet, meaning that orchestra across the street will be starting a search of its own. Robert Ward becomes principal horn and some titles in that section are reassigned. (I note that he has been acting principal horn for nine years. What??) Russ deLuna joins as English horn, which I initially mistyped as English norn (Clara Butt?), and third oboe. Amos Yang joins as assistant principal cello. Mark Lawrence retires after 33 years as principal trombone.

Katie Kaudarach, whose presence in the first viola chair I noted at the Mahler Seventh in June, joins as assistant principal viola. This translates to "we still don't have a replacement for Geraldine," and, indeed, another round of auditions begins on September 30. Kaudarach played beautifully in that concert and will be a terrific addition to SFS.

Last, but not least, longtime flutist Tim Day is now on a one-year appointment as acting principal flute, after having been named principal flute a year ago. I guess there will be new auditions for first flute, though no dates have been announced.

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