Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seattle Ring Announcement

Seattle Opera will announce the 2009 Ring cast, sans Jane Eaglen, later this week, on August 15.

My predictions: Greer Grimsley (Wotan), Christine Brewer/Lisa Gasteen/Linda Watson (take your pick) as Bruennhilde, Eva Podles (Erda), Stephanie Blythe (Fricka), Alan Woodrow (Siegfried), Marie Plette (Sieglinde). No guesses on Siegmund or the rest of the gang.

Update, Aug. 15: Well, I was wrong. The cast is now posted. Wotan: Greer Grimsley. Bruennhilde: Janice Baird (Janice Baird?). Siegfried: Stig Fogh Andersen (whom I remember collapsing utterly on a Met Ring broadcast a few years back). Siegmund: Stuart Skelton. Alberich: Richard Paul Fink. Sieglinde: Margaret Jane Wray (returning for the third time, I think, and I was thinking of her, not Plette, dammit). Fricka: Stephanie Blythe, who also take Waltraute and the First Norn. Loge: Kobie van Rensburg (!). Mime: Dennis Petersen. Freia/Gutrune: Marie Plette. Robert Spano conducts.

More here.

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