Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Levine Endorses Pilates

Okay, the big news of the day is actually that James Levine is having a kidney removed, because of a cyst, and will miss the balance of the Tanglewood season. He sounds especially frustrated by missing the Elliott Carter celebration concerts, and who can blame the maestro for that?

Geoff Edgers' report includes this bit:
He returned that summer to Tanglewood after losing 35 pounds thanks to what he said was a changed diet and exercise on a recumbent bicycle and through Pilates.
After doing Pilates for nearly a year, I can report that my back is quite stable and almost completely pain-free. Has there been any weight loss from the Pilates? Noooo. Maestro Levine's weight loss is more likely to have resulted from the exercise and changed diet.

I hope his back, which has long been troubled by sciatica, is being helped by the Pilates, and I wish him a swift recovery from the upcoming surgery.


pjwv said...

I'm looking forward to the infomercial. Can Bowflex be far behind?

Lisa Hirsch said...

Levine on the Reformer!