Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fly on the Wall

Tim Mangan on The Fly:
In the second act the audience was laughing at "The Fly," and there weren't any jokes, just a lot of simulated sex (I guess flies are insatiable) and bad dialogue. 
So much for that planned trip to LA.


calimac said...

You were even thinking of seeing an opera based on "The Fly"?

You were even thinking of seeing an opera by (ugh) Howard Shore?

Steve Hicken said...

I think science fiction is a great place to look for opera plots--genre literature leaves so much emotional space for the composer to fill in. I can think of at least two sci-fi novels that scream for operatic treatment.

On the other hand, Howard Shore.

Lisa Hirsch said...

David, yes. I'm willing to attend almost any opera premiere. Too bad this one has only the attractive of a notable trainwreck, oh, yes, and naked baritone.

Steve, which novels are you thinking of?

Steve Hicken said...

I don't know that I want to give anybody else ideas...

Sator Arepo said...

Ursula K LeGuin? A short story by Avram Davidson?

Gene Wolfe?

Just guessing here.

Why oh why is there not already a Star Wars opera?

Or better yet, a musical, since clearly anything can be adapted to musical theater. (See: ABBA) (And then become a movie.)

"Coming soon: Rent, the Musical: The Musical!"