Friday, September 05, 2008


So, the Republican presidential ticket plans to run against Washington, as outsiders. What gall they have, considering that John McCain has been a Washington insider - a member of Congress - for 26 years.

They are also ranting about how Washington is broken. What gall, considering that the Republicans have had a lock on the federal government for most of the last eight years. What gall, considering the role of lobbyists and other big money in McCain's campaign and the Republican convention.

I'll own that Sarah Palin, his book-banning, creationism-teaching, abortion-rights-opposing, wolf-hunting, ANWR-drilling-supporting, safety-officer-firing running mate, former mayor of a town a third the size of the company I work for, governor of a state with a smaller population than the City and County of San Francisco, is, indeed, not a Washington insider.

But, speaking of hypocrisy, you need to see what various Republican pundits have had to say about certain issues, like experience, that have been raised in this campaign.

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