Monday, February 16, 2009


I received email the other day about a newish service called rVibe-Live that streams concerts live over the internet. They're also accumulating a nice archive. I was alerted to two chamber music concerts at Bargemusic, the Brooklyn series that takes place on a barge moored in the East River. You have to create an account, and I'm mildly confused that the email talks about buying tickets, while the web site says "free and easy." Maybe creating the account is free and you pay for individual concerts.

I have not tried it out; if you do, please let me know how it goes. The next streamed Bargemusic program is this Saturday, February 21, at 8 p.m. EDT, String Trio in NYC.


Anonymous said...

If you click the little genre-label links at the top of the page, do you get a little java box reading "Error!" as I do? This happens in both Firefox and IE, and I have java/javascript turned on.

If the archive is anywhere else on the site, I can't find it.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes, I do. But that list of Recorded Events in the lower-right-hand quadrant of the page is live.

Anonymous said...

OK, I see. Eight items on the list, only two of them with classical-sounding names, and you have to click on the "Watch Event" button and then on the "Details" button to find out if it is, and what they're playing. The others don't even tell you what kind of music they are.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Do you want an email address that would be useful for sending usability comments?

Seth said...

Hi, I'm Seth Handler-Director of Events for rVibe LIVE. rVibe LIVE uses the latest audio/video technology to bring the best artists and venues around the country to computers across the world.

We have started working with the wonderful classical music venue, BargeMusic in Brooklyn, NY. The Barge is a fantastic place to see a show, as it overlooks the Manhattan Skyline.

Registration for rVibe LIVE is free and members can than buy online tickets to view individual concerts. Currently, you can purchase tickets to String Trio performing live on Feb 21 at 8pm edt starring Mark Peskanov, Violin; Adrian Daurov, Cello; Jeffrey Swann, Piano.

I apologize for the problems our website experienced today as we were performing site maintenance and adding a few new shows to our archive. It should be working fine now, however, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me directly at seth.handler@rvibe.com and I will respond asap.

Here's a short excerpt from a concert we streamed at the Barge a few weeks ago...Enjoy!


Lisa Hirsch said...

Belated thanks!