Friday, March 27, 2009


Friends more looped in than me tell me that 1) Christine Brewer has had knee problems in the past (and the Schenk Ring is staged on an uneven, raked surface) 2) She is a consummate pro; we can't imagine her turning up without knowing a role.

OTOH, I hear from another source that she didn't have the role memorized by the start of the rehearsals, and La Cieca has a relevant posting.

I have no idea who to believe.


pjwv said...

When she appeared here in Tristan, she spoke to the Wagner Society and mentioned that she had some problems with the steeply raked Hockney set, though she did feel it was beautiful and therefore worth it. But given that comment and her general size, I don't see any reason to doubt that knee problems were behind her cancellation.

And she just seems too Midwestern not to be prepared, you know?

Lisa Hirsch said...


Lisa Hirsch said...

This news story includes further information. It does seem to be her knee.