Wednesday, March 04, 2009

One of Those Weeks

Too many possibilities:
I can't go to all of these. I'm reviewing the Takacs, which'll be fun. Debating whether to get myself down to Palo Alto for the Dresher, which is likely to be stupendous. Would love to see Other Minds - there's a Kagel piece on one program, among other tasty works.



Gavin Plumley said...

Ah, the Takacs playing Bartók... well worth it. Though the recent Belcea performances in London were certainly their equal.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yeah, should be something! Also on the program, Haydn Op. 77/2 and the Schubert Quintet, with Peter Wyrick playing (presumably) second cello.

Sarah said...

Ooooh! Now I'm excited for their appearance next season in the Twin Cities for the Schubert Club. I had never heard of them before (sorry!).