Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Choral Car Pile-Up Time!

It's that time of year, when every chorus in the world puts on their fall concerts. I hope to get to many of these, but there are only so many hours in a day:
You do all realize that you're splitting up your audience? Spread those concerts over more weekends and attendance will go up. I mean, how many concerts can I attend the first weekend in December? Three max, or four if I am insane, but I'm booked elsewhere Friday night, so very likely I will make life easy for myself and see Cal Bach and Magnificat despite the tasty S&P Spanish concert and the chance to hear the rare Respighi.


Warren Stewart said...

"You do all realize that you're splitting up your audience?"

Well of course. The situation would be the same for the next weekend and the one after that. It is a well known fact that the audience for classical music in general expands by an order of magnitude in December and every ensemble is eager to share in that larger potential audience. I suspect that most of the organizations listed will attract their largest audiences of the season at these concerts in spite of the conflicts.

If only there were a way to program a half dozen "Christmas" programs in a season. I regret missing so many worthy concerts and it is particularly unfortunate that Magnificat conflicts with my dear friends at CBS, but tis the season!

Lisa Hirsch said...

That first weekend of December is especially bad. Also happening: Marino Formenti's Vingt Regards program.