Monday, November 02, 2009

The Prokofiev Project

Stanford Lively Arts is presenting what looks to be a fascinating four day event called "The Prokofiev Project," which is similar to last year's "Stravinsky Project." Joseph Horowitz curates the event, which will include concerts of orchestral and piano music. Pianists Alexander Toradze, George Barth, and Kumaran Arul are among the performers. The puppet artist Robin Walsh also participates. There are sundry talks, including an evening that will include historic recordings and film.

The dates for this extravaganza are November 12-15, at Stanford, in Dinkelspiel Auditorium, Campbell Recital Hall, and Tresidder Union. Some events are free. For full details, see the press release (a PDF) or SLA's web site. Please note that Simon Morrison's event has been canceled.

I'd like to go to some of these but I may have conflicts, alas.


Anonymous said...

Robin Walsh and associates did the "kite puppet" choreography for The Firebird at Stanford's Stravinsky festival a couple years ago. It was excellently done, so I'd recommend this sequel to anyone interested in that art form.

Empiricus said...

Cinderella was particularly jaw-dropping. I hope you were able to make it.

Lisa Hirsch said...

No way I could get to any of them (or to the Other Minds Cowell programs), sigh.