Friday, December 11, 2009


Best wishes to the great Elliott Carter, who turns 101 today. Looking forward to hearing the compositions of his 102nd year on the planet.


Joe Barron said...

Each additional day Mr. Carter lives makes me feel a little better about this planet you speak of.

Empiricus said...

Where's the fanfare, the publicity, the concerts, the endless celebrations? Oh, to be 100 again. (sigh)

Happy B-day Elliott.

Joe Barron said...

Well, it's only natural we should expect less attention in a year that doesn't end in zero, but when you stop and think about it, 101 is much more impressive than 100. The impressiveness goes up exponentially with each passing day.

As a belated birthday present, Bridge Records is releasing The Music of Elliott Carter, Vol. 8, in February 2010. A very exciting two-disk set with 16 pieces, 15 of them first recordings, including the Clarinet Quintet, Tintinnabulation and the Horn Concerto. Can't wait, though of course I must.

Joe Barron said...

The first composition completed in the 102nd year is, apparently, a wind quintet scheduled for premiere in February. I have no details about location or performers, or even the legnth of the piece.

Lisa Hirsch said...