Monday, December 07, 2009


I spent the weekend after Thanksgiving reading in the comfy chair and trying to stay warm, because just going out for lunch on Saturday left me feeling tired and sick. Early Monday morning, I had a coughing fit, but by my official wake-up time, I was feeling well enough to go to work. As the week went by, I felt worse and worse. Staying up late at the SF Opera Otello Wednesday night could not have helped, and Thursday morning I was clearly too sick to go to work.
I've barely barely been out of the house since then, though today I was well enough to get a full days' work in. Whether I go to the office tomorrow will depend on how I feel when I wake up and what the weather is like. If it's raining or very cold, or if I'm not really up to snuff, I'm working from home again. Even by shuttle, the commute to Mountain View leaves something to be desired.

The musical upshot of this is that, of course, I missed every one of the concerts I would have liked to see this past weekend. Marino Formenti's Vingt Regards, sob. Cal Bach's "Advent in Dresden" program, with great lashings of Schuetz. That Respighi piece at Soli Deo Gloria. Magnificat's Cozzolani requiem. SF Bach Choir's Schuetz concert.

You get the point. Big sigh from here. I hope you did better than me. And I am very glad I didn't try to book a weekend trip to NY for From the House of the Dead.

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