Wednesday, January 20, 2010

P. S.

The Canadian Opera Company presents seven operas in their next season, and managed to program two written within my lifetime, unlike San Francisco Opera, where the most recently composed opera on the 2010-11 schedule is from 1936 and undoubtedly sounds like 1890.

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Henry Holland said...

*Sigh* Death in Venice *sigh*

For all its flaws, I love that opera so. damn. much. The ENO production I saw two years was one of the great nights I've had in an opera house and among the many reasons to be bummed about the Gerard Mortier mess at NYCO was that production was going to be in his first season.

Does beauty lead to wisdom, Phaedrus?
Yes, but through the senses.
Can poets take this way then
For senses lead to passion, Phaedrus.
Passion leads to knowledge
Knowledge to forgiveness
To compassion with the abyss.