Friday, January 29, 2010

When in New York, II

I'll be arriving Monday, Feb. 1, in the late afternoon; departing Sunday, Feb. 21, in the afternoon. Thanks to the excellent Bruce Hodges, I'm already booked for the JACK Quartet, AXIOM Ensemble, Orpheus, NYPO, and....um...something else. :) Hoping to catch Ariadne and probably Simon Boccanegra. Debating Sequentia at the Morgan, ICE elsewhere, the Faure Quartet, maybe an organ recital or two (where should I go for that...?). Oh, and the museums, of course.

Suggestions welcome, plus, I'm happy to meet up for coffee/cupcakes/dinner/lunch/drinks.


Bruce Hodges said...

The "something else" would be the New York Woodwind Quintet at Juilliard on the 11th, with not one, but two Elliott Carter premieres.

Looking forward to all of it--not to mention, finally meeting you in person!

Lisa Hirsch said...


It's been on my calendar for ten days. I was just too lazy to look it up.

Yes, looking forward!

Joe Barron said...

I saw the JACK Quartet in Philadelphia on the 23rd. They were terrific (and sold out). You should have a nice time, but an even better time at the Carter premieres, and at dinner beforehand with two old friends you've never met ...

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yes indeed!

Joe Barron said...

Sequentia is wonderful, but it hasn't been the same since the inestimable Barbara Thronton paased away. Some people are indeed irreplaceable.