Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Long Beach Opera's 2010-11 Season

The wildly adventurous Long Beach Opera has another great season of offbeat and rare operas coming up:
  • Medea, by Cherubini (since I'm in the middle of Berlioz's memoirs, this is especially intriguing)
  • Akhnaten, by Glass (West Coast premier of the fully-scored version - Oakland Opera Theater did a reduced version a few years ago with Paul Flight in the title role)
  • Moscow, Cherry Town, by Shostakovich (I'd never heard of it either!)
  • The Difficulty of Crossing a Field, by Pulitzer Prize winner David Lang
What a lineup!


Henry Holland said...

Lisa, your link to the LBO site goes to a Blogger page.

The Akhnaten is a must see/hear, too bad they're doing it in the 3,000 seater Terrace Theater, not the more intimate Center Theater. Plus, how often will you read this in an opera description:

Sung in Egyptian, Arcadian, Hebrew, and English with English Supertitles

What does Berlioz say about Cherubini? Anything nice? :-)

At least Medea isn't being done in a swimming pool or parking garage.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Argh! Thanks - fixed the broken link now.

Oakland Opera Theater did Akhnaten in a 100-seat theater. And that is an amazing description.

Berlioz seems to have disliked Cherubini as an administrator. :)

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yikes, you know: they mean Akkadian or Accadian, not Arcadian.

Zerbinetta said...

The Shostakovich is an operetta, it's better known by its semi-Russian title, "Moscow Cheryomushki."