Saturday, July 31, 2010

San Francisco Renaissance Voices Music Camp!

SFRV has a new educational director (and of how many small choruses can that be said?), Irene Gallardo, and she is starting off with what sounds like a fantastic idea: Renaissance music camps for children. Yes, we will eventually have teens and young adults who grew up with some exposure to this wonderful repertory, for whom it's not exotic or strange!

Here's information directly from SFRV. The first camp is a one-day event next Saturday, so sign up your 7 to 11-year-old right away:

San Francisco Renaissance Voices is dedicated to helping develop the next generation of music lovers and musicians and is delighted to announce the development of our Music Camp for Young Lords & Ladies. Designed to introduce children ages 7-11 to the music of the Renaissance using a variety of entertaining, interactive activities this program will be led by Irene Gallardo, San Francisco Renaissance Voices' newly appointed Coordinator of Educational Programs.

A pilot of Music Camp for Young Lords & Ladies using the theme of "Scarborough Faire" (the largest European trading faire of the Middle Ages and Renaissance) will be held from 9 am until Noon on Saturday, August 7, 2010 at Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, 1329 Seventh Avenue in San Francisco (between Lincoln & Judah Streets). Participants in this pilot will attend for half-price of the regular Camp ($20) and will leave at the end of the Camp with all printed materials, the craft they have made and a recorder (type of flute).

Pre-registration is required and participation is limited. To request an application or for more information contact Ms. Gallardo at: SFRVEducation@yahoo.com or 415.664.2543 x3. Soprano Irene Gallardo has sung with San Francisco Renaissance Voices since the group began in 2004. Currently she also teaches general music and develops curriculum as Music Program Director and Supervisor for Rhythm & Moves, an independent company that provides music and physical education to private and public schools. She is a certified music teacher in the State of California and holds a BA in Music Education from Bethany College; making music education available to a broad range of communities is her personal passion.

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