Friday, August 13, 2010

Prohibition is Stupid for All Sorts of Reasons

The dangers of tobacco are well known, and I support government public health efforts to persuade and help people to reduce their use, from smoking cessation programs to taxes on tobacco products to age restrictions. I don't support prohibition; we already know how well that works.

But the latest, at least as reported by A.C. Douglas, is insane. Rolling your own from comparatively unprocessed tobacco might well be safer than using tobacco company products and it's certainly more economical. Insert rant about regressive taxes here.

(For the record, I also support legalization of marijuana use and decriminalization of other drugs. The drug war and prohibition do more harm than open, regulated drug use would do.)

Update: It turns out ACD was misinformed. The legislation is to ensure proper payment of taxes, not to ban shipping.

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