Friday, August 13, 2010

Pulling Up a Lawn Chair

Last month, a blog posting of mine linked to an article by Heather Mac Donald. I have to confess: I responded to two sentences of a long article. Greg Sandow, though, has responded to her entire thesis with five blog entries' worth of commentary posted over a five-day period. MacDonald has now replied to him.

I'm not going to link to the whole shebang. Instead, you can visit Drew McManus's Adaptistration posting on the vendetta discussion, where he has individual links.


Henry Holland said...

As you know Lisa, I'm not a fan of Sandow's writing (to put it mildly) so it's nice to see him smacked down by MacDonald. However, nice as that is, it doesn't get her off the hook for her original article with its baldfaced lie that there's no real audience for non-tonal music.

Lisa Hirsch said...

She's wrong about a few things, which I plan to blog about.