Saturday, June 11, 2011

Musical Logos

I don't see the Google home page on a daily basis, despite the gazillion web searches I perform. That's because I use the search bars in Chrome and Safari rather than searching from the home page. So occasionally I miss a special logo, plus many of the doodles are geographically limited.

The holiday logos live here, with links to each quarter. Recently there've been musical logos beyond the playable Les Paul doodle. Click the link in the previous sentence and look for these:

  • Emile Berliner's 160th Birthday (Germany, Austria, Switzerland only)
  • Dame Nellie Melba's 150th Birthday (Australia only - why?! she was a huge international star. Oh, and barely recognizable!)
  • Martha Graham's 117th Birthday
  • Prokofiev's 120th Birthday

Go back far enough and you can find Giuseppe Verdi's birthday, too. I'm hoping for really great logos for the Verdi and Wagner bicentenaries in two years.

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