Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pulp Fashion, Palace of the Legion of Honor

Patrick and his friend V. went to see the Isabelle de Borchgrave show at the Palace of the Legion of Honor the other week, and weren't so impressed. I agree with him that there are too many shows of rich women's clothing...but I'm one of the people who does get high fashion as art. Much of what's exhibited in these shows counts as historical fashion these days, too.

Donna and I went earlier and felt differently: Wow. Yes, it's true that some of the dresses fell short. But the workmanship is remarkable, and you really will have to restrain yourself not to pet the clothes. We thought the not-quite-sketchy painting appropriate, because the dresses are ephemeral, not intended to last for decades or centuries.

Our favorite room would have been the roomful of Fortuny gowns, including a paper reconstruction of a tent and its interior. If you like this kind of thing, try to get to the Lgion of Honor this weekend - and definitely go see the incredible Balenciaga show at the DeYoung.

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