Monday, August 15, 2011

Higdon Update

Jon Finck at San Francisco Opera confirms in email:

There was no news release sent at the time.

This fall, we will send out a news release  updating the status of the Company’s plans for world premieres.  That news release will include a formal cancellation of the Higdon project.
Both the Opera and Ms Higdon withdrew from the project as we were unable to come to terms with a workable contract.
Alas and alack - I'm deeply sorry about this. I'm also curious about the "dozens of properties" considered and about David Gockley's "interventionist approach." Some new operas pretty obviously needed more outside input than they got, including both the Stewart Wallace operas done here - Harvey Milk under Mansouri, The Bonesetter's Daughter under Gockley. The Dr. Atomic libretto is a mess, but the music is glorious, head and shoulders above the Wallace operas and the other new works done at SFO. A general manager might reasonably say, you're limited to x number of principals based on a budget of y. So it's hard to know what exactly was going on here.

Oh, well - at least I'll get to see it in Santa Fe.

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