Saturday, August 13, 2011

SFS Ticket Ordering FAIL

So, I've waited longer than I should have to order my SFS tickets for the centennial season, which opens in just a couple of weeks. Still, there are enough tickets left that I'll be able to more or less sit where I want, especially if I go during the week.

I was going to go to the box office today - their web page says it's open noon to 6 p.m. - but I decided to try ordering on line first. It's mighty slow, because I often had to loop through to another date if the seats I wanted weren't available. Then I noticed that the site was telling me that my login did not qualify for subscriber prices.

Say what? I was in the process of ordering tickets to 20+ concerts. That should get me subscriber prices in the build-you-own-series program.

So I picked up the phone to ask about this....and discovered that the box office is not open on Saturdays during August.

Gosh, it would have been nice if the web page said that!

And I killed my order. I need to know if I'm getting subscriber rates before I pull the trigger on the order, since I expect to spend $2,000 or so. (Yes, I know I could probably get comp tickets, but I cannot guarantee a write-up (I spend a LOT of time writing every week), and frankly, sometimes I just want to go listen without having to write about it afterward.)


Michael Walsh said...

Still haven't ordered mine, either. I think because the barrier to actually attending is higher for me than past years.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Even Saturday nights?

I'm ordering a variety of evenings, mostly to do with when I can get the seats I want, which are mostly orch prem. There are plenty of Second Tier seats available, but mostly I want to have decent sound.