Monday, September 10, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways, Part II

So. Kevin Lonergan's Margaret arrived in the mail from Netflix last week, and I am now one of the fifteen people who have seen it.

1. It is not the masterpiece everyone is so noisily proclaiming it to be, although....

2....the acting is very good.

3. It is absolutely not killing opera....

4....because arty people who live on the Upper West Side and date handsome foreigners might, in fact, go to the opera on a date.

5. The film does not "revolve around opera." It revolves around the effects of the accident that takes place in the first five minutes of the film.

6. I somehow missed the Lohengrin prelude and all that other music Zachary Woolfe says plays in the background, but I'll take his word for it. I was paying more attention to the NYC architectural porn, which is poorly knitted into the story. You want city porn, try Woody Allen's Paris or Rome - or New York.

7. There is one aspect of the film that is completely, totally unbelievable: that the 17-year-old Jewish girl who is the main character doesn't already have a shrink or doesn't immediately get bundled off to one given what happens to her.

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Anonymous said...

As one of the other 14 people who've seen this movie, I don't disagree with anything you say. Though your point 7 is outside my experience and not something that would have occurred to me.

Lisa Hirsch said...


Glad you agree. I have one opinion of the film tat I can't post in full because it would be spoilage, but I can safely say that I found one of the leads extremely tiresome by the end of the movie, in fact, well before the end of the movie.