Monday, September 10, 2012

Time for a DVR 1: Lepage Ring on KQED

Email from the Wagner Society reminds me that the Lepage Ring will be on TV this week - sort of - depending on what your cable plan is. Here's the helpful email about the situation in the Bay Area:

A reminder that the PBS showings of the Met Ring will be beginning Tuesday. For us in the Bay Area, they will be aired three times on KQED and KQED+. They have very different schedules, so pay attention - there will a quiz at the end.  :-) 
On KQED+  (which is Channel 10 here in the East Bay):
"Wagner's Dream" (the making of the Met Ring) and the four operas are on consecutive evenings  Sept 10 - 14.
"Wagner's Dream" starts at 8pm, and the operas all start at 7pm. 
On the basic KQED Channet 9, it's a different story:
There is no "Wagner's Dream", and the four operas are on 4 consecutive Sunday mid-days. They run Sept 16 - Oct 7.
Rheingold starts at noon and the rest at 11:00am. 
Also, to complicate things even more, KQED+ Channel 10 will repeat the daily eveningtime performances early the next morning. So Sept 11 at 2:00 am for "Wagner's Dream" and the next 4 late nights at 1:00 am for the 4 operas.  
If you're still confused, visit:
http://www.kqed.org/tv/schedules/monthly/(The monthly grid only shows the prime-time programs, so if you want to look for one of the other showings, click on the relevant date in the gray bar.)
If you're not in the Bay Area, check your local PBS station.

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