Friday, November 16, 2012

Let Me Count the Ways 2

No, actually, the goofs are uncountable in this "review" of Philharmonia Baroque at the Mondavi Center in Davis. Megan Ihnen, whom I follow on Twitter, pointed us to it, terming it the worst review ever.

She might be right. The "reviewer" thinks you use sticks on a bassoon - maybe in some 20th c. piece, but not in Beethoven, you don't - confuses "base" with "bass," doesn't know what a fortepiano is (I bet the program notes said something about this...), and thinks Nic McGegan referred to Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto as a Baroque work. I, uh, can't imagine circumstances in which Nic would say such a thing.

If you ever find yourself wondering why it's important that music critics know something about music, just re-read this travesty.


john_burke100 said...

I'm looking forward to being hired as the Sacramento Press cricket reporter. After all, I know it involves a ball, and sticks--doesn't it? Whatever.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Yep. You hit the ball with the stick and run. That's all I know - enough fot them, though.

Daniel Wolf said...

Lisa, this is priceless. Do you think Mitt Romney might have done better if he were able to use a single instrument to bump up his base? I wonder what instrument that would have had to have been... surely something plucked.

Lisa Hirsch said...

He would need a single instrument to bump up his bass, I think. Perhaps a piccolo.