Friday, February 15, 2013


The netcast of the Met Parsifal primo is under way. You have some time to join in; it'll be on for another five and a half hours or so.

Gurnemanz - Rene Pape
Parsifal - Jonas Kaufmann
Amfortas - Peter Mattei
Klingsor - Evgeny Nikitin
Kundry - Katarina Dalayman
Conductor - Daniele Gatti

And a few other singers, Met chorus & orchestra, etc. H/T La Cieca for reminding me.


Henry Holland said...

So, how was it, I couldn't listen at work. :-(

Lisa Hirsch said...

I heard maybe 45 minutes before I had to restart my computer (30 open tabs in Chrome = mistake with the amount of memory I have :), and I forgot to restart it. Zerbinetta has a review up; sounds promising for the HD b'cast.