Friday, July 26, 2013

Conversation Continued

A new reader mentioned that he'd found me through On an Overgrown Path, where I find that Bob Shingleton has a fine posting in response to this week's postings by me and Elaine Fine. (If you're not already reading Bob, give his blog a try; he knows more music than you do - definitely more than me - and also knows more about the BBC and Sufiism. Not at the same time, necessarily.)

He makes many good points, although as I have said in the past, I consider Twitter a useful tool. If I get some retweets, might mean more people are reading my blog!

In any event, he's right about transparency. For the record, some things I've said before:

  • Nobody pays me to write this blog.
  • There's no advertising on the blog.
  • If a review of mine is in SFCV or Classical Voice, I was paid by them to write it and the ticket was comped, with a very few exceptions.
  • If a review appears here, I probably paid for the ticket, but I do get some comps. 
  • My tone in paid reviews is more measured and deliberative than my tone here.
Still planning to get together some statistics about my readership.


Vajra said...

I'm all for transparency, however I don't think comp tickets are an issue. Classical music is an expensive proposition and many reviewers would be unable to attend were they not comped. When I read reviews, I assume the writer was comped, unless told otherwise. I don't think the writer's integrity is compromised thereby.

I started reading ITOM rather recently when Georgia Rowe told me about it. Before that, I read your reviews at SFCV and enjoyed hearing your pov when our paths crossed.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Bob Shingleton at On an Overgrown Path seems to think there's a problem with comps - or maybe he doesn't, it is a little hard to tell. :) And thank you!