Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No, I am Not Following William Burden Around.

It might look that way, though:

  • 2008, Santa Fe Opera: Vere, Billy Budd
  • 2011, LA Opera, Peter Quint, The Turn of the Screw
  • 2012, San Francisco Symphony, tenor soloist, Beethoven, 9th Symphony
  • 2012, Santa Fe Opera, The Shepherd, King Roger
  • 2013, San Francisco Opera, Peter, The Gospel of Mary Magdalene
  • 2013, Santa Fe Opera, Frank Harris, Oscar*
Personal to David Gockley: Pick up King Roger, will you? It's short and glorious and better than the last couple of commissions.

Previously: Why Isn't William Burden a Huge Star?

* Kevin Newbury, whom I dissed for his direction of Mary Magdalene, is directing Oscar, too. I hope he does better with it.


doug said...

I'd love to see King Roger at SFOpera! So many interesting operas and interesting directors out there -- here's to more of both at SFOpera.

Lisa Hirsch said...

King Roger is quite something! Great music and could be staged more spectacularly than Santa Fe did last year.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

Well, you could do worse than following William Burden around.

And, obviously, I second the King Roger thing.

atrave said...

I wouldn't bet SF Opera to have any interest in Szymanowski... This is the brief, disheartening interaction I had with them on Twitter on this matter: https://twitter.com/atrave/status/228887080292470784

Lisa Hirsch said...

Not really a surprise, alas. There's some good stuff coming down the pike (Jenufa, Troyens) but the upcoming season is pretty blah.