Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Looking at You, Sydney Symphony.

UPDATE: The orchestra has been having problems with their internal systems and that is likely the problem with the search box; the new season hasn't yet been indexed. The season brochure, which is displayed using a magazine application, is freely available and I had no problem viewing it with Chrome; I was using Firefox yesterday when I couldn't navigate it from Stuart Skelton's Facebook posting. (I am not a fan of the magazine applications, but that's not the issue under discussion here.)

I heard on Facebook that dates have been announced for Stuart Skelton to take on the summit of tenor roles, Tristan, at Sydney Symphony. I heard this from the tenor himself!

So I went to the Sydney Symphony web site, where I found out a couple of things:
  • To see their season brochure PDF, you have to register.
  • Their search box doesn't work.
A few thoughts: I live in California, and, um, why do I have to register to find out your season schedule? Don't you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find out what you are performing when?

I typed Tristan into the search box. The only result was a gala concert that includes (or included) the Tristan prelude.

So I tried clicking Special Events, and lo! I found the two scheduled performances:

Tristan und Isolde
Robertson conducts an Opera in the Concert Hall

 Sat 20 Jun, Mon 22 Jun 6pm

WAGNER Tristan und Isole

David Robertson conductor
Christine Brewer soprano (Isolde)
Stuart Skelton tenor (Tristan)
Katarina Karnéus mezzo-soprano (Brangäne)
Derek Welton bass-baritone (Kurwenal)
Stephen Milling bass (King Marke)
Sydney Philharmonia Choirs
S Katy Tucker visual enhancements

That's a good cast, but whether I attend depends on whether I have Bayreuth tickets. And you could say that I'm hoping to see this particular tenor in a staged performance, perhaps a little closer to home.


Yvonne said...

We shared unfettered access to the season brochure on both Facebook and Twitter during the launch event in our Monday night : http://bit.ly/SSO2015Brochure

Lisa Hirsch said...

Huh. Thank you. It is coming up fine at home, now.

Yesterday, at work, I clicked the link from Stuart's FB posting. The brochure came up in the browser, but could not be navigated. That's why I went directly to the orchestra web site.

Now I'm thinking it might be a browser issue. (It is not possible that my employer is blocking access.) I was using FireFox for my personal stuff. I just clicked Stuart's link in Chrome and the brochure came up and is navigable.

It's a separate issue, but I hate this kind of embedded brochure, which isn't really web-friendly. Give me HTML any day!