Saturday, August 30, 2014


So I am watched part of the Operalia webcast with head in hands.
  1. Somebody take the stick away from Domingo, please, because he is undercutting every one of those poor young singers.
  2. Where is Alfredo Kraus when you need him? Because...
  3. ...incredibly crude Duke of Mantua...
  4. ...pretty bad Werther....
  5. However, that tenor singing "Ah, fuyez, douce image" had real promise.
  6. Andrey Nemzer! Singing Glinka!
  7. That Italian soprano? Ugh.
  8. The Greek soprano was pretty good in "Ah, non credea" and came to some grief in the cabaletta. Also, don't hold high notes that sounded lousy when you hit them.
  9. Pretty good Rossini there, at least until "Non piu mesta."
Then I gave up. But I can't say enough times: Domingo should not conduct in public.

Update: And yet Mario Chang, said Duke, won.

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