Saturday, August 22, 2015

Getting Things Done

Brought on by reading an article about people who are currently supporting Donald Trump. A couple of notes from the real world:

  • To those of you who say we need a businessman, not a politician, in the presidency: getting things done in politics requires the ability to negotiate with the other team, er, party.
  • Not to mention, do you really want a businessman who has been through four bankruptcies??? 
  • It seems that by "political correctness," you mean "treating others with respect." Please explain to me the problems you see in treating others with respect.
  • Yeah, I'm sure a lot of his spewing is what people think but don't say. That isn't a positive.
I understand why people like a guy they think won't be beholden to donors. Better campaign finance laws could fix that for all candidates, by severely limiting private donations and funding presidential campaigns from public money.


Immanuel Gilen said...

Allow me to take a differing position here and argue that all of these reasons don't matter - it's that his policy proposals are vague, and to the extent that we do know them, poorly conceived if not downright stupid.

I think there's a fair argument that getting things done in business requires the ability to negotiate with other parties all the same, and I don't really think bankruptcies are really a good proxy for success; out of hundreds (if not thousands) of entities that he's been involved in, that may not necessarily mean much, and bankruptcy is used as much as a strategic tool toward creditors than as a surrender flag for a failed mission. I'm with you on your third and fourth points all the way, though I still think the primary response on "why not Donald Trump?" should be "because his policy proposals are completely idiotic, when they exist at all".

Lisa Hirsch said...

I agree - these reasons don't matter, but people are making these claims anyway, so I am going to post attempted refutations of the claims. And yeah, regarding points 3 and 4 and why not Donald Trump.