Wednesday, September 09, 2015

And Who Might These Opera Teachers Be?

Found in the NY Times Real Estate section, of all places:
For more than 30 years, my neighbors, a mother-daughter team, have run an opera-singing school out of their apartment. When our building converted to a co-op years ago, home businesses were abolished. But the opera school was grandfathered in. The mother and daughter were once grandes dames of the opera world. The lessons they give out of their apartment are very loud. I understand a pet being grandfathered in, but an opera-singing business? How can this be?
Upper West Side, Manhattan

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Henry Holland said...

I've had the misfortune during my 30 years as a secretary to be involved in condo association disputes and it's mind boggling how nasty they can be. The condo board is usually just a few people who let that power go to their heads, the tentants/owners are often non-plussed by how complicated the rules are. I've had a couple of friends buy a condo thinking it was a license to print money and they both wanted out within a couple of years. I love renting my apartment!

As for this case, as the reply suggests, sound-proofing might be the best answer for all.