Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Things I Don't Understand About Twitter.

Really, only two things:

1. Why is Twitter considered "hard to use" by casual users? I just don't get it. You create an account, pick people to follow, enjoy the unending stream of links and banter. Apparently this is hard for people who are used to Facebook: recency is confusing to casual users, while just the thing for, well, people like me.

2. Why isn't Twitter just charging users? It's a hugely important and valuable tool for journalists, activists, etc. I'd pay up to $15/mo to use Twitter. With more than 300 million users,  if Twitter could get 100 million of them to pay $1 to $5/month, I see a nice revenue stream that isn't dependent on ads or growth.

Here's Timothy B. Lee's excellent Vox piece on the company.

No, Twitter probably should not be acquired by Google. Take a look at the history of Google acquisitions to see what happens to such companies.


Henry Holland said...

Quite apart from the mind-crushing banality of reading about the day-to-day minutiae of people's lives or opinions in 140 characters, it's the format that I find so off putting.

#derferneklang #diegezeichneten# Schreker is a great composer! #itstrueyouknow #hahahahsuckitdonizetti

I find it annoying to have to wade through all the damned hashtags to find five words.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I like Donizetti but would enjoy the moment when #hahahasuckitdonizetti# starts trending.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Well, Henry, you have choices about who you follow! The people I read don't go overboard with the damn hashtags. :)