Saturday, February 13, 2016

Antonin Scalia

He was an extremely smart (and deeply misguided) associate justice; he was a good friend of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; he was an opera fan.

He also predicted, correctly, that marriage equality would be the law of the land, but he was clearly enraged by the thought.

My hope was always that he'd retire to write legal tomes, or go off to a monastery. I am not the slightest bit sorry to see him and his brand of extremism off the Supreme Court.


Evangeline Brown said...

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Anonymous said...

In his dissent in the Lawrence vs Texas case (invalidating the sodomy laws), he angrily pointed out that with sodomy legal there could be no logical objection to same-sex marriage. Before this I don't think that marriage equality was very high on the priority list of the gay rights movement -- anti-discrimination and HIV seemed more important. After this marriage began to seem a much more central issue.

I used to fantasize meeting Scalia and thanking him for founding the marriage equality movement. Alas, I've missed my chance. I wonder if he ever saw his own contribution in that light (probably not).

Anonymous said...

Well, his death makes Derrick Wang's opera Scalia/Ginsburg seem slightly obsolete. On that count by itself, too bad.

Aleksei said...


Steve Hicken said...

Toxicological report: Yep; he was pretty toxic.