Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Keep Calm and Count the Delegates

Cruz: 8 delegates
Trump: 7 delegates
Rubio: 7 delegates

That's a dead heat. Also, 72% of Republicans didn't caucus for Cruz, with similarly high numbers for Trump and Rubio. Cruz didn't "deal Trump a humbling loss" at all.

It's not over yet. Wait to see what happens in the next six weeks. (Ditto for Clinton & Sanders.)


Lisa Hirsch said...

Posting a comment from greg b that belonged here:

Hello Lisa....

I'm not quite sure what the message of your post is.

Without putting words in your mouth, I'd like to think that you are pointing out that Mr. Trump is still "in the hunt" and is still to be considered dangerous, but that we should all perhaps be taking a breath and going to our calm center place.

I don't want to be the one who starts a political thread here on your blog - after all, you brought up the subject - but I do think, very strongly, that the misogyny, racism, elitism, and xenophobia (in other words, the politics of fear) which is continually espoused by Mr. Trump has no place in a society which values - or claims to value - equal rights and equal compassion for all people.

I myself am supporting Mr. Sanders in his Quixote-like campaign. To me, he seems to be a man with a real heart and soul.

I hope you've not taken offense....

- best wishes from Greg

Lisa Hirsch said...

Greg, I'm supporting whoever the Democratic nominee is. Sanders and Clinton are less far apart, substantively, than they may appear. I see her as having a better chance of winning the general election and getting things done in the face of Republican obstinacy, but I'd happily vote Sanders.

As far as my posting goes, the Times had stupid headlines about Cruz "humbling" Trump, which he certainly did not do. I consider these three clowns and most of the clown car to be as vile as you do. the closest thing to a moderate in the bunch is Kasich, who has no chance of getting the nomination.

greg b said...

Dear Lisa,
Thank you for putting my comment under the correct posting. Sorry about that; I don't know how that slipup occurred....
I'm with you: I'd be perfectly fine with voting for Ms. Clinton if she ends up getting the nomination, and you've made a strong point that she very well may have a better chance of winning a general election.
But I look at the big picture this way. I think everyone in this year's Republican field is on exactly the same wavelength that Mr. Trump is, policy-wise. It's just that Mr.Trump, being a bloviating loudmouth with no experience of national politics, actually vocalizes (with no sense of when to shut his pie-hole) the Republican establishment policy of hate and fear and xenophobia - the policy they would like you and me to disremember for a while.
That is why I am actually hoping that he gets the Republican nomination.
Are you shocked? Why? First, I think either Clinton or Sanders could beat The Orange One walking away. One or two TV debates with real live intelligent people and he's toast.
But, worst-case scenario: what if he actually gets elected? DOUBLE-BURNED TOAST!
Remember Ronald Reptile's First Political Commandment? "Never speak ill of a fellow Republican."
Well, Mr. Trump has skewered each and every one of his opponents in many ways - and quite savagely - over the past few months. He has prided himself on not being part of "the system".
Believe me, those establishment folks have very good memories.
If he does, heaven forbid, become President, he will get only lukewarm support (if any support at all) from the well-entrenched Republican establishment, and he CERTAINLY won't get ANY support from the Democrats. He'll be a lame duck the minute he steps over the threshold of the White House.
One term and done - if he doesn't get himself impeached first.
Things might get a bit sticky re: the SCOTUS nomination, but I'm just figuring that Mr. Trump will find a way to eff that up too.
I consider Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio MUCH more dangerous than The Orange One. They're experienced politicians with a solid base in the Republican party.
THOSE are the ones to be afraid of.
- thanks for listening, Greg