Saturday, June 11, 2016

Opera Quarterly: Free to a Good (Bay Area) Home

I've got about 25 issues of Opera Quarterly that I would like to give away. I bought them in the 90s via eBay. They are from the 1980s. Some are damaged.

If you're in the Bay Area and you would like these, they're yours. You will have to come get them, although you can negotiate with me if you live between San Leandro and El Cerrito. Let me know in comments or by email if you'd like these. Otherwise, they get recycled in a week or two.

I will throw in a few issues of Lapham's Quarterly for good measure. These are from 2011-12 and have never been read; I somehow got a free one-year subscription through my job. I threw them collective against the wall when one issue, about The Future, had articles by at most eight or ten women among 90 contributors. That certainly tells you something about their view of the world.

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