Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ronnie and Lawrence Ackman Classical Piano Prize - Nomination

From the New York Philharmonic comes email and an accompanying a press release:
The New York Philharmonic has announced the creation of the Ronnie and Lawrence Ackman Classical Piano Prize at the New York Philharmonic, with 24-year-old pianistBenjamin Grosvenor named the inaugural recipient. The Ackman Prize is to be awarded every three years to an up-and-coming pianist or piano duo chosen by a confidential panel comprising prominent pianists, New York Philharmonic leadership, and other recognized musical figures. Prize-winners receive $30,000 and will perform with the New York Philharmonic, play chamber music with Philharmonic musicians, and serve as classical music ambassadors, taking part in community engagement and education initiatives around New York City. The Ackman Prize is made possible by a generous gift from Philharmonic Board Member Lawrence Ackman and his wife, Ronnie. 
Congratulations to young Mr. Grosvenor. I haven't heard him, but I keep reading good things about him.

And let me get in a nomination for the next award: the Bay Area's very own ZOFO, the dynamic duo of Eva-Maria Zimmerman and Keisuke Nakagoshi. They've been wowing audiences around here for a few years, individually and as a team.

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