Friday, June 30, 2017

Hawaii Friday Photo

Kalalau Lookout, Kauai
March, 2017


Pohaku Nezami said...

I've enjoyed your blog for years, and, as a resident of Honolulu, I've watched the pictures of your Hawaii trip (I assume that's what it is) with interest. I finally had to say something when I saw the Kalalau Lookout photo, since I've been up there at the lookout several times and have hiked into the valley from below maybe seven times. I once met a fellow who parasailed into the valley from that lookout (and hiked out to Ke'e beach the same day). He gave a great talk about the adventure to the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club.

Should you find yourself in Honolulu and wish to see our native forest restoration site (manoacliff.org), just let me know.

Thanks for all your blogging! I've learned an immense amount from you.



Lisa Hirsch said...

Aloha, Pohaku!

Thanks so much! I would love to see the forest restoration. I've visited Oahu twice and will undoubtedly return, because I have hardly seen Honolulu.

I've got many photos from the March-April trip and need to upload them to Flickr. Give me a bit....



Lisa Hirsch said...

And....WEEKS LATER, my other photos from the lookout, a clickable link:

Kalalau Lookout

Pohaku Nezami said...

From below, in Kalalau Valley, I think it must be that (some sort of tracking) dome in your final two photos which casts a bright light at night.