Friday, January 05, 2018

A Few Random Items

The 2020 music director of the Ojai Festival will be Matthias Pintscher, composer and current music director of the Ensemble Intercontemporain. It's sure to be an interesting year, although, of what year could that not be said of Ojai? 

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Opera American has named the participants in their Women's Mentorship program: 

         Protégé:  Piper Gunnarson | Executive Director, On Site Opera (New York, NY)
Mentor:    Annie Burridge | General Director and CEO, Austin Opera

Protégé:  Katie Preissner | Director of Production, Opera Colorado
Mentor:    Clare Burovac | Director of Artistic Operations, Portland Opera

Protégé:  Mitra Sadeghpour | Director of Opera, University of Northern Iowa
Mentor:    Stacy Brightman | Vice President, Education and Community Engagement, LA                                 Opera

Can't say I loved the terminology (protégé? really?), but the program is excellent and there's a nice wide range of participants. Read more about Opera America's Women's Opera Network here.

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Island City Opera's Rimsky-Korsakov double bill is coming up fast, on various dates from January 17-28, 2018, in Alameda, CA. How often do you get to see Mozart & Salieri and Kashchey the Immortal? That's right, not very. Get your tickets here.

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