Thursday, June 07, 2018

Dream Cast

I was thinking the other day about the known fact that Donald Runnicles is under contract to conduct something at San Francisco Opera in the next couple of years, on beyond this month's Ring performances. (Matthew Shilvock said this in public! He's a good source.)

Whatever could it be?

Well, it's Runnicles, so very likely it's something large scale and German. We are not going to have a Troyens revival in the near future.

Big German operas we haven't had for a while: Tristan und Isolde (12 years), Parsifal (18 years), Die Frau ohne Schatten (29 years!). Rosenkavalier also, but....

I got to thinking about my Parsifal dream-cast-of-the-moment:

Gurnemanz - Stephen Milling
Parsifal - Stuart Skelton
Amfortas - Peter Mattei
Kundry - Christine Goerke
Klingsor - Brian Mulligan, or maybe Richard Paul Fink

Hmm. You could create good Tristan and Frau casts from the above, too.

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