Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Update on the War Memorial Opera House Seat Replacement Project


Opera house interior
Photo by Lisa Hirsch
December, 2019

Email received from a very excited Matthew Shilvock brings good news: the War Memorial Opera House seat replacement project, which was originally to have been done in May-August, 2021, but was postponed, is going to be pulled in and done this year through January, instead. I called this one in May:
So I'd be on the phone to find out whether the seats (and maybe new carpeting?) could be delivered early. I'd be trying to figure out whether September to December, 2020, could be dedicated to replacing seats, with live performances starting up in January....and running through next summer, to allow SFO and SFB to perform as much of their seasons as possible.

It's a good move. I had wondered whether this would be logistically possible, given the number of seats involved and the number of people who would be working in the opera house. Hooray for the suppliers and the construction crew! 

Update with links (9/16/2020):

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