Friday, June 11, 2021

Friday Photo

South Kensington Tube Station
London, November, 2019

Not a great photo, but the area around this station will be radically redeveloped in the near future.



Robert Gordon said...

For you dream you are crossing the Channel, and tossing
about in a steamer from Harwich,
Which is something between a large bathing machine
and a very small second-class carriage;
And you're giving a treat (penny ice and cold meat)
to a party of friends and relations,
They're a ravenous horde, and they all came on board
at Sloane Square and South Kensington Stations.

Lisa Hirsch said...


"Les Troyens" in Munich during the 2021-22 season!

Robert Gordon said...

Interesting cast, although there are people I'd rather hear than Gregory Kunde. The main question though: is it complete? No choreographer is listed, and no duration, so I just can't tell. I'm not sure I would be up for another truncated version.

One could also see Agrippina (with Joyce DiD) and Rosenkavalier in the same week. And I haven't been to Germany since 1999. It's worth at least a thought.

Lisa Hirsch said...

Brandon J. is singing a couple of performances. Kunde (Gregory Customer!) is apparently having a late-career blooming in the dramatic tenor rep.

I'm waiting for more schedules to be published before I do any travel planning. I am going to Japan next year and that is getting priority over everything.

Sacto OperaFan said...

What an interesting career Kunde has. When I saw him in SFO he was singing Aurturo in Puritani (including that really high note at the end). Now he sings Otello. Interesting. I would love to hear him again just to hear what he sounds like.