Tuesday, June 08, 2021

San Francisco Opera Announces Date of Season Announcement

All right, here's news about the news we've all been waiting for: San Francisco Opera will announce the 2021-22 season in two weeks, on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, at 4 p.m. Pacific Time:



In just a few short weeks, San Francisco Opera will announce its programming for this upcoming season. After well over 500 days out of our beloved opera house, we are beyond excited for the return of live opera on our own stage and Eun Sun Kim's inaugural year as music director.

We hope you will join us on June 22 for the reveal of this exciting season ahead!

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Sacto OperaFan said...


Any guesses as to what will appear on the main stage? I'm guessing they will do 3 staged productions in the Fall and then 3 in the Summer. I think Cosi was up for the Mozart/Da Ponte series in the Fall. This would be perfect season to do Butterfly as it also has a small chorus, but hope it isn't.

Not sure about the summer. Guesses?

Lisa Hirsch said...

If I were guessing the seasons? Depending on who is available in the previously-signed casts:


- Fidelio because the set is built and Kim is scheduled to conduct.
- Der Zwerg because the cast is tiny.
- Steve Jobs because it's an SFO co-commission
- Cosi because of the Da Ponte series
- The Haroutounian / Theorin concert because it's comparatively cheap to put on
- The Handmaid's Tale (West Coast premiere)
- ?
- ?

I would really like it if they were able to stage Ernani, also. Michelle Bradley sounded like the real deal in that concert she was in.

In 2022-223:

- Saariaho commission (Mälkki conducting)
- Something big and German with Runncles (Parsifal? Tristan? Frau? Moses und Aron?)
- Something Italian with Luisotti
- Something important with Kim
- Something important that SFO has never done before