Monday, July 05, 2021

Monday Miscellany

Various events and other items that have landed in my inbox:

  • The West Cork Chamber Music Festival in Ireland has a good line-up of performers and works, both in person and online, and if you're attending in person, you can see "their own neighboring ancient circle of standing stones [Kealkill Stone Circle in this case.]" Sounds good to me! (My long-ago visit to Orkney included both standing stones and the St. Magnus Festival, featuring music of the late Peter Maxwell Davies.)
  • The Merola Opera Program's season, started on July 3. Watch their web site for information about upcoming live performances. It's very abbreviated compared to most years, owing to the pandemic.
  • Pianist Ursula Oppens, whose long and distinguished career has been dedicated to new and recent music, has a new CD out, of music by composer Laura Kaminsky. I've very much enjoyed Kaminsky's chamber music and her opera As One.
  • Speaking of distinguished pianists who focus on new and recent music, Sarah Cahill has a great program at Old First Church on July 16, 2021, at 8 a.m. She'll play the following:
    Anna Bon: Sonata No. 6 (1757)
    Leokadiya Kashperova: selections from Au sein de la Nature (1910)
    Ági Jámbor: Sonata (1949)
    Zenobia Powell Perry: Rhapsody (1960)
    Madeleine Dring: excerpts from Colour Suite (1963)
    Frangiz Ali-ZadehMusic for Piano (1989/1997)
    Hannah Kendall: On the Chequer’d Field Array’d (2013)

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